The Gift of Sadness

By November 1, 2012 February 28th, 2018 Articles, Read

Strong feelings of sadness and misery can overwhelm us, especially in the winter months when the skies darken and the temperatures drop. But can these very feelings be seen as a wonderful opportunity, a gift even, to fall ever more deeply into our present experience?

If we look into ‘sadness’ what do we find? A heavy, tight, agitated energy maybe. And does that energy have the word ‘sadness’ written into it? Or is it a thought or a mental image that, out of habit, grabs onto that energy to make it mean something about ‘me’? ‘My’ sadness, ‘my’ pain, ‘my’ deficiency; the intensity of the feeling amplifying the thoughts amplifying the feelings amplifying the thoughts.

What if the thoughts are simply thoughts and the energy simply energy; continually forming, shapeshifting and dissolving like clouds in the winter sky?

And are you those thoughts and feelings that come and go? Do you disappear as they dissolve? What a revelation to see that what you truly are is not limited to any particular cloud, but is like the limitless sky within which each cloud arises and out of which each one is made. That embraces them all regardless of their colour or shape. That is the very substance of this rich, ever fresh manifestation called life.

Could THAT ever be sad or miserable?