Teetering on the Brink

By September 30, 2014 March 1st, 2018 Articles, Read

All our seeking and exploring brings us to the edge of our certainties. We yearn to dive into the unknown but fear continually pulls us back, back into life-as-we-think-we-know-it, and so we remain there, teetering on the brink.

But what if we dip our toe into those unchartered waters and, despite our racing heartbeat and urge to run away, we see that we’re still here, still breathing, that nothing gets destroyed? Then maybe we get a little more courageous, we put our feet in, we go in up to our waist, up to our neck, we become entirely immersed. And rather than experiencing unbearable pain, annihilation or an inability to function, we discover that the whole colourful play of life is still unfolding.

But something is washed away in this ultimate baptism. The feeling of being split apart from life. And in that jubilant re-union, all is pervaded with the light of infinite love.