Straightjacket of Belief

By May 2, 2014 February 28th, 2018 Articles, Read

All our addictions, whether it be to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, coffee, chocolate, internet, work, shopping, gaming, gossiping, thinking, spiritual seeking, whatever, are born of the need to escape the pain and discomfort of living.

Why do we need to escape? Because we live inside a straightjacket of belief; deeply convinced that what we are is a separate ‘me’ divided off from life, isolated, vulnerable, exposed and under constant threat.

When we finally recognise that our addictions bring no lasting satisfaction; when we no longer run from the pain and discomfort but courageously fall into its intensity; in that furnace of feeling we burn through the mental suffering, burn through the fear and the dread, burn through the conviction that we are separate, isolated and under threat.

And what do we dis-cover as the layers melt away?

That for which we truly long, that cannot be destroyed. The causeless joy, the edgeless freedom, the unmeltable, unburnable, uncontainable love that is our true, indivisible nature.