Shrinking Away from Life

By December 1, 2014 March 1st, 2018 Articles, Read

It can be incredibly frustrating to find ourself continually shrinking away from life, continually having to modify our behaviour because of fear.

Maybe we look for a new strategy to take on. We bravely decide to meet our fears head on, in order that they’ll finally dissolve away. But in needing them to disappear they still have a hold over us, and that’s not freedom.

What if those fears are our dearest friends? What if they are pointing out how we still imagine we are a limited self that needs to escape discomfort? Reminding us that our real, boundless nature has no need for life to be any particular way; that fear, doubt, sadness, anxiety, love, peace, joy, happiness are all equally welcome as expressions of our infinite, invulnerable being?

In that newfound openness we are freed up to follow wherever our energy naturally flows, despite our fears and resistance.