Shifting Sand

By July 31, 2014 March 2nd, 2018 Articles, Read

If you feel you have the power to choose, why take on the idea ‘there is no free will or choice’ as another belief to add to the pile? Choose to explore your first-hand experience. To recognise that the thoughts, feelings and sensations that make up ‘me’ are like shifting sand. That there’s nothing fixed there whatsoever. Choose to explore the powerful energetic tremor beneath the mental labels ‘stress’, ‘anxiety’, ‘grief’ and ‘sorrow’. To feel the heat of their rawness. To fall ever more deeply into the fear of having no reference point; of having nothing to hold; of having no clue whatsoever about what you or life really is.

It’s in that deep letting go that you can come to know beyond reason, your original, undivided nature, that takes the shape of every unique character equally as the canopy of stars at night, and the question of free will and choice is rendered meaningless.