Ready To Blow

By August 11, 2014 March 1st, 2018 Articles, Read

You’re already stressed and your boss/friend/lover is making more and more demands. The tightness, the agitation, the irritation build and build until the container of ‘me’ can hold no more and you’re ready to blow… and you don’t. Not because you suppress, deny or numb the energy of the moment – out of guilt or shame for having such urges, or for fear of offending others or what people might think of you if you react – but because you’re fully available to feel the fire of frustration, in all its wild intensity; to feel the inward spiralling tension and the outward spiralling anxiety; to feel the fear of being overwhelmed with pain without needing to find some form of escape route. For you are not a limited container under threat but a boundless ocean of being, and this is another wave of experience undulating on the surface of your immensity.

When you no longer react to fear, you’re free to act from love. That’s breaking the habit of a lifetime. That’s the miracle of transformation.