Exploring Reality – Summer Retreat 2019

Discover the Wonder of what you already are, and the Life Transformation and Empowerment that realisation can offer.

14 – 21 May 2019, Hidden Paradise, Andalucia.

Join James in the beautiful Andulcian mountains of Southern Spain for a life-changing 7-day retreat.

Through meditations, live music & intimate dialogues you will:

* Deeply explore your immediate experience to reveal the effortless wonder of what you always already are.
* Discover how that wondrous realisation can lead to lasting transformation.
* Feel empowered to fully shine your unique qualities into life.

Is this retreat for me?

Maybe you experience the underlying sense of something missing from life and the longing for more?

Perhaps you’ve been trying to fix the ‘problem’ but, whatever you acquire or achieve, the satisfaction is only ever fleeting before you find yourself longing again?

Or maybe you’ve already had some recognition of what you truly are, but still find yourself caught in limiting patterns, still longing to fully express, to truly come alive?

If any of this sounds familiar, then keep on reading! . . .

What happens on a retreat with James?

  • Through meditations, live music, silent connecting, simple exercises & intimate dialogues, James will guide you with gentle precision towards realising the wonder of your original nature.
  • From that ‘place’ of clarity and openness, you will begin to see the deeply held beliefs, ways of operating and physical clenches that keep you bound up in life.
  • In discovering how to meet those uncomfortable feelings and beliefs from the loving openness that you truly are, those frozen blockages can begin to thaw enabling your essential qualities—of sensitivity, tenderness, playfulness, courage, compassion, strength, power, etc.—to naturally flow.
  • In the atmosphere of absolute acceptance and support that James offers, there is the chance to play with operating spontaneously, in-tuitively, with Being-in-action—with living the freedom that we truly are.
  • Ultimately it all adds up to a celebration of life with openhearted sharing, music, singing, dancing, silence, tears and laughter.
  • No previous knowledge is required, just a willingness to openly and honestly explore your immediate, first-hand experience, to courageously question all your beliefs and assumptions, and to feel into your human fragility and whatever fears may arise.

“There’s no dogma, no superiority, no guru-ness, no rigid mindset, no rules, just a loving intelligence continually welcoming us back to the home we never left.”


“James is a born teacher—infinitely patient, compassionate, crystal clear and with great integrity. Thank you James, for your wisdom and love.”


“I am a different person since working with James: more real, more loving, more open, more joyous, and certainly much more alive! People remark on it.”


“I am very glad that Life has brought me to you. Your words and presence had a profound impact on me. After years in a kind of impasse/wilderness I am now filled with joy, with peace.”


“James’s teachings are clear and concise. They took me to a level of understanding that had eluded me for 45 years. A truly life changing experience that opened a new possibility for being alive.”


“Thank you James. You act as a midwife, guiding and supporting us through the pangs and contractions of giving birth to our true selves!”


“The first time I connected with James it was a life-changing epiphany; to totally meet and be met on a transpersonal level—it was literally awesome. This is all I have ever wanted, and I am so grateful that the universe introduced me to someone I resonate with and learn so much from.”


“Working closely with a guide who knows the territory, who can understand where we are on the journey, who meets us and sees us as we really are and reflects that back to us, is a rare and precious opportunity. James is that very guide.”


“Thank you dear James. I've heard the words so many times and no one has ever led me to a place where I could actually experience those words—like what does it mean? That's what I was asking for, and you managed to do it.”



8:30am – Breakfast
9:30am – Gentle body warm up (optional)
10 to 11:30am – Session 1
11:30am to 12noon – Tea & Biscuit break
12noon to 1pm – Session 2
1pm – Lunch then free time
4:30 to 6:30pm – Session 3
6:30pm – Dinner

The first 2 days will be held in silence (not in the sessions).

There will be no session after lunch on Saturday (18th).

On Sunday eve there will be a chance for willing participants to play music, dance, sing, tell stories, poems, or whatever they wish to offer to the group in an impromptu cabaret.

About James

James Eaton graduated in Maths from Oxford University, then tried a number of vocations, including working as a singer-songwriter, an actor, and a school teacher in inner city London. Despite achieving success, he couldn’t shift a profound sense of lack and longing. What followed was an intense spiritual search that culminated in directly realising the wholeness of being—the home he’d been longing for.

Since 2011 James has been leading workshops and retreats internationally, guiding hundreds of others to that same realisation, and to the subsequent life transformation and empowerment it can offer. He lives in Totnes, UK, with his wife, Eleonora, and their two sons, Edward and Ludo.

Full retreat details


Hidden Paradise, Órgiva, La Alpujarra, Southern Spain  Map 

Nestled in the Andalusian mountains of southern Spain, ‘Hidden Paradise’ is gifted with stunning views down the valley to the Mediterranean Sea. There are also two swimming pools, both fed by natural springs and heated by the sun.


The retreat will begin with dinner at 6:30pm on Tuesday 14th May. You are welcome to arrive anytime that day, although no food will be served until dinner. The retreat ends after breakfast on Tuesday 21st May. The first 2 days will be held in silence (not in sessions).


There are single rooms, plus shared rooms with 2 beds or 3 beds. The 2 and 3 bed shared rooms will be allocated by gender, unless you book a 2 bed room as a couple, in which case please book two tickets to secure a room together.

If you’d like to share a room with a friend, add their name(s) in the ‘order notes’ section at checkout and we’ll do our best to put you together.

More about accommodation


3 delicious, healthy meals are included each day; using home-grown and where possible organic and always locally-sourced ingredients, to prepare nutritious raw, vegan and vegetarian dishes.

The centre is happy to accommodate the needs of guests with allergies to particular foods and often prepare gluten and dairy free meals—all served with love! If you have specific dietary requirements, please add them to the ‘order notes’ section at checkout.


Flights: Fly to Malaga airport. Both Easyjet and Ryanair fly direct to Malaga from Bristol and London Gatwick at very low cost when booked in advance. Flybe also fly direct from Exeter.

Transfers: Please inform Matthew (matthew@jameseaton.org) of your flight arrival time and we will coordinate taxi transfers to the venue. Taxi costs are around €35-€38 euros per person.

Event Group:

Once you have booked your place you will be added to the event group where you can offer/request lifts to the event, exchange information or connect socially. Important info will also be announced via this group. You can access the group via the ‘My Account’ tab in the main menu.


£100 non-refundable deposit on confirmation of booking.
Balance due by 26th March 2019.
75% of balance refunded if cancelled before 2rd April 2019
50% of balance refunded if cancelled before 9th April 2019
25% of balance refunded if cancelled before 16th April 2019
No refund if cancelled after 16th April 2019


Shared room (3-beds) – £620
Shared room (2-beds) – £695
Single room – £820


Payment 1: Deposit

3-Bed Deposit

£ 100


2-Bed Deposit

£ 100


Single Deposit

£ 100


Payment 2: Balance
(due by 26 March 2019)

3-Bed Balance

£ 520


2-Bed Balance

£ 595


Single Balance

£ 720


The number of participants to the intensive is limited, so make sure you book in time. Your place will be reserved after payment of the deposit has been received. Feel free to write to Matthew if you have any questions (matthew@jameseaton.org).