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My eldest son has a great t-shirt with 5 different coloured, sharp toothed piranha fish embroidered on the front. Once we were naming the colour of each fish in English and Italian (his mum is Sicilian): purple viola, yellow giallo, orange arancione, blue blu and green verde. It was only later, as he was running across the room, that I noticed the entire t-shirt was brown! In focussing solely on the embroidery we had neglected to recognise the most obvious colour of all, that of the t-shirt itself, without which there would be no little piranhas.

Similarly in life we have come to overlook the wonder of our true nature, becoming instead fixated solely on the content of the experience, out of which we identify ourself exclusively with one small fraction, namely the separate ‘me’.

Just as the material of the t-shirt enables the embroidered design to exist, so what we truly are is the very fabric of all and everything, giving life to those sharp toothed piranhas, the neglected t-shirt, this story, the thoughts that reflect upon it, the movement of breath, the sensation of blood coursing through the veins, the image of birds soaring through a cloudy winter sky, the entire expression of this inexplicable, shapeshifting, magical moment.