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Have you tasted your true, boundless nature, but frustratingly find yourself feeling separate and isolated again, wondering when this ‘flip-flop’ will ever end?

Instead of idly waiting for some magic moment of ‘grace’ to call, make truth your beloved, worship it, become entirely devoted. Whenever you feel the tense, nervy agitation of resistance rising up, stay open to the discomfort, appreciate it for what it is – the separate ‘me’ fighting for survival. And if you close down, you close down. If you react, you react. If you judge yourself, you judge yourself. What if that’s ok? Offer yourself that same loving kindness you gift to others, rather than reinforce the old delusion with all that ‘self’-flagellation for getting it ‘wrong’.

Then life becomes an adventure. Every moment offering a potential enlightening revelation. Even your heartache. Even your misery. How exciting!

And as the mechanism of ‘me-ing’ is laid bare, a new confidence begins to grow: what you truly are is never ever under threat. Released from the preoccupation of avoiding fear, your human character can finally celebrate its uniqueness, fully express, follow its joy. Then freedom is no longer an occasional visitor, but your living, breathing reality.