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Feedback Loop

By December 3, 2014Articles, Read

Anyone who has ever used a PA system will know that if the microphone picks up sound from the speakers a feedback loop is created – the sound gets continually reamplified and you hear a painful, ear splitting squeal.

Our mental suffering operates in much the same way. Whenever our self-identity is threatened our feelings begin to jangle; thoughts rise up to escape the distress, we start judging and blaming others or ourself – which only serves to raise our anxiety levels higher; then come more thoughts to escape the added discomfort, more anxiety, more thoughts, and on and on it goes until we’re completely overwhelmed.

But what if what we truly are has no need to feel threatened, no need to escape ‘anxiety’, what if the thought stories that run don’t actually mean anything about anything, what if this whole play is appearing and dis-appearing in our real self, pure consciousness, that could never be overwhelmed?

That shift in perception is like moving the microphone away from the speakers; the loop is broken, the shrill screech subsides, and our unique voice rings out as a clear reflection of its source.