Black Mood

By August 26, 2014 March 2nd, 2018 Articles, Read

It’s one of those dark days. You’re plunged into a black mood, drowning in a flood of thoughts about how worthless and broken you are, about how pointless and meaningless life is. Maybe you reach for the usual techniques of trying to accept it, trying to embrace it; or else you set to work on finding the reasons why, in order to try to mend the ‘problem’. But all these efforts keep you stuck in that mental realm and nothing seems to shift.

What if you stay close to the sensual world, make the heat of the body your home, the movement of the chest, the sound of the breath? No mental reflecting is required. Smell the air, see everyday people going about their business – a family in a restaurant along with Grandma and Grandpa, children playing in the park, the current of the river, a field of grass waving in the wind, the sound of birds, all conspiring to break you out of your thought made prison, to bring you back to simplicity.

And as those prison walls collapse away you get more than you could ever have bargained for. The unity of being is revealed and your heart cracks open with love!

Even your deepest darkness is an invitation back to the light.